Ladder Frame – Single width X 2M Platform Length


It is available in two widths: SINGLE WIDTH 0.7M WIDE and DOUBLE WIDTH 1.35M WIDE

Both single and double width ladder frames are available in three, four and five rung sizes to provide maximum platform options.

The tower comprises the minimum possible multi-purpose components, no separate ladders or guardrail frames are necessary.

All frames can be used as uppers or lowers simply brace your platform on the third rung below the top of the tower and the correct guardrail height is achieved.

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Ladder Frame Tower Features:

  • Multi-start Square threaded adjustable legs, incorporating full nut for maximum security.
  • The heavy duty splined spigot designed for maximum strength and rigidity and ease of tower assembly.
  • The unique ten-impression crimped joint, specially designed to improve resistance to abuse, and reduce repair costs.
  • Brace hook assembly, incorporating double torsion stainless steel spring for durable and reliable use.
  • Platforms incorporating bolted hook extrusion for easy low cost reparability and platform profile designed to provide
  • minimum deflection and improved strength.

The Euro Towers Ladder frame tower is approved to TUV BSEN 1004 European standard.

Code Tower Size
S141M2 2m 1.41m Single Width 3T Tower
S188M2 2m 1.88m Single Width 3T Tower
S234M2 2m 2.34m Single Width 3T Tower
S281M2 2m 2.81m Single Width 3T Tower
S327M2 2m 3.27m Single Width 3T Tower
S373M2 2m 3.73m Single Width 3T Tower
S420M2 2m 4.20m Single Width 3T Tower
S466M2 2m 4.66m Single Width 3T Tower
S513M2 2m 5.13m Single Width 3T Tower
S559M2 2m 5.59m Single Width 3T Tower
S605M2 2m 6.05m Single Width 3T Tower
S652M2 2m 6.52m Single Width 3T Tower
S698M2 2m 6.98m Single Width 3T Tower
S745M2 2m 7.45m Single Width 3T Tower
S791M2 2m 7.91m Single Width 3T Tower

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S141M2, S188M2, S234M2, S281M2, S327M2, S373M2, S420M2, S466M2, S513M2, S559M2, S605M2, S652M2, S698M2, S745M2, S791M2